The experience, mood and feeling your brand creates has a direct effect on the success of your business. These cards will help you better understand that. We'll answer:

- What is branding?

- How to create your business identity?

- How to design your company with branding?

Definition of Brand

Your brand is much more than your name or logo. It is the story you tell that connects customers to your business. The stronger the connection customers develop for your brand, the more likely they are to give you their business.

Brand identity

If you are not sure what your brand actually is, let's start building its framework. To do that, try coming up with simple and straightforward answers to the following questions:

1. How do you describe your product or business?
2. How does it benefit customers?
3. How would you like customers to describe your product?

The Brand Pyramid of Experiences

Once you build a solid business framework, you are more likely to develop long-term relationships with customers and your team.

1. How do you deliver benefits to customers?
2. How does it improve their lives?
3. How does it make them feel?
4. What is the bigger picture of your business?
5. What would the title of your national tv ad be?

Sell with Storytelling

The goal of a branding strategy is to sell an experience and the most effective way to do so is through storytelling. Your story should convey an experience that delivers emotion and emphasizes your expertise. In other terms, if customers use your product/service, this is how they'll feel.

What is your story?

Just as a good story has a strong plot, your business story needs a strong vision. So, why are you doing this? By starting with the "why" you are able to craft a more compelling message and set the foundation for a great story.

Vision Statement

Complete this statement:

For (target customer) who (define the need/problem) the (product/service) is a (product category) that (key benefit /reason to buy). Unlike (competitor) our product (competitive advantage).

Delivery Method

The success of your story depends on how well you deliver it. Find colors, pictures, music, and video to boost experience you are looking to create with your story. Apply them to your business and product, and use Social Media to reach a broader audience.

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