Message App Marketing

Gone are the days when messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Messenger only use was to speak with friends and family. Nowadays, these apps are a powerful marketing tool that can be used to promote products, build trust and - of course - boost sales. We'll answer:

1. How to communicate with customers;
2. How to increase sales with message apps;
3. Content strategy and marketing for retail.

On-demand Retail

Have you noticed that everything now is on-demand? From videos to products and services, customers want the freedom to choose when and what to consume. Messaging apps  are an easy and cheap way to adapt your business to this new reality. To get started, answer this question:

1. Which is your favorite message app?

Message app marketing

Use your preferred message app to interact with customers and provide speedy support. It can also help you deliver personalized product suggestions, tips, and deals in the form of fun-to-consume media: videos, gifs, and pictures.

Gathering customer info

Interacting directly with customers is the most effective way to gather invaluable customer insight, which you will need in order to create a good marketing strategy. So, before we do that, it is necessary to think of how customers will contact you. In the world of retail, the best way to get customers to share data with you is to offer giveaways.  Ask customers to leave their phone number or any other info you may find relevant to receive store specials and new merchandise arrivals.

Creating buyer personas

Do you know who your customers are? Most importantly, have you thought about what your ideal customers are like? If you haven't, the first step is to identify groups of people who buy from you and why. The more you data you gather, the better. Information such as location, age, gender, interests, income level, buying motivation and buying concerns are all valuable.

Creating retail marketing strategy

From pics to videos to plain messages, there are many ways to share content with customers over Messaging apps. But before you do that, know that it is best that your content must cover the mindset of the customer at each stage: Awareness, Consideration, Decision. Try following this strategy:

Message 1: High-Value Content
Message 2: Playful Fun Content
Message 3: Soft Sell
Message 4: Playful Fun Content
Message 5: High-Value Content
Message 6: Hard Sell

Digital marketing tools for retail

You don't need to hire a professional to create your content. Use Canva to create well-designed flyers, cards and any other type of visual content you are thinking of sharing. To send out product info, receipts and more, use Kyte.

Retail digital marketing tips

If offering discounts to customers, give them dollars not percentages. To your customers, percentages don't translate automatically into value, but money does. Also, scarcity is a powerful motivator. So, the classic "We're running out of..." is always a great strategy. You can also share some of what makes your business unique such as helpful tips, insights, things you are passionate about, etc. Don't forget to connect it all to your brand.

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