Sales Pitch

Do you want to learn how to increase sales? Before approaching your prospect clients, take a look at this guide on how to create a great sales deck.

Name a big change in the market

Do not begin your sales pitch talking about yourself, your company or your product. It is best to identify a shift in the world that brings out a sense of urgency and raises the stakes.

Mention the winners and losers

Tell your prospect clients how the change you've just mentioned will create big winners and losers. Show how adapting to these changes will result in a bright future for them and that not doing so will likely result in massive losses.

Take them down to the Paradise City.

Hint on the gains your product or service can help your customers achieve and how difficult it would be to do that without you. After showing what you can do for them, reveal what it means to be a winner in your market.

Your Product or Service is the roadmap

Show them the way! Introduce your product or service as the roadmap to Paradise City. Opt for a speech that creates a sharp transition from an old market to a new reality and emphasizes how traditional solutions won't take them to where they would want to be.

Bring out the proof

No one knows the obstacles on the road to success better than you. That is why the last portion of your sales pitch should focus on showing the best evidence that you can make this happen. If you don't have examples of success stories to share, focus on a demo.

Practice makes perfect

Take your time to understand how this sales deck and adapt it to your market and reality. Open the voice recorder on your phone and record your pitch, then evaluate your performance and write it down on a spreadsheet. Repeat this process at the end of each week to notice when it is time to tweak something

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