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Doordash rates can go as high as 25%. We believe that money should be yours. Create your digital menu and online ordering system. No commissions. No catch.

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Here's why we think Kyte is an excellent alternative to Doordash

PRO: Digital menu

PRO: Digital menu

🚫 Uploading your menu to Doordash is a great way to reach new customers in your area. However, aside from having to pay a commission on every order, when you send customers to DoorDash, they can as quickly find your competitor and order from them.

✅ At Kyte, we believe you can reach thousands of people in your area without having to pay for it. When you create your digital menu with us, we'll make sure Google indexes it and other search engines, so when people look for restaurants in your area, your name is bound to pop up.

PRO: Facebook & Instagram Integration

PRO: Facebook & Instagram Integration

🚫 Doordash is a marketplace for food businesses, and when you partner up with them, your restaurant will appear in their platform alongside direct and indirect competitors in your area.

✅ We understand that a marketplace is essential, which is why you can integrate your Kyte menu to Facebook and Instagram and get the visibility your business needs at no cost.

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PRO: Complete Point of Sale

PRO: Complete Point of Sale

🚫 Doordash offers very few ways to process orders and no tools to help you manage your restaurant operation, which can cause logistical issues and unhappy customers.

✅ Kyte comes with a full Mobile Point of Sale system so that you can process online orders, deliveries, takeouts, and dine-ins. On top of that, you also get to manage your inventory, print or text receipts, create customer profiles, and track crucial information about your business.

PRO: Keep Customer Data

PRO: Keep Customer Data

🚫 When you partner up with Doordash, your business becomes available to THEIR customers base. Without having access to customer information, any marketing action is bound to its platform.

✅ Every time a customer places an order through your Kyte menu, the data is sent directly to the Point of Sale app. Aside from giving you total freedom to contact them and export their data to create marketing campaigns or lookalike audiences.

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PRO: Save money

PRO: Save money

🚫 Doordash charges both a service and a delivery fee, which can amount to thousands of dollars at the end of the month.

✅ Kyte does not charge you any commission or fees. 100% of the money you make is yours to keep. You can charge an online ordering fee, but that money also goes directly to you.
How do we make money?
All our online ordering features are unlimited and free to use. We offer a PRO plan if you wish to use our Point of Sale to manage your business.

CON: Where Doordash is better

CON: Where Doordash is better

✅ Doordash's platform will put you in front of thousands of their customers, which can be great for new business. They'll also handle delivery and payment, which is something we don't do.

🚫 With Kyte, you'd have to process payments on your own and arrange the delivery. As for becoming available to new customers, we believe that part of the money saved by not paying a commission can be used towards a marketing campaign, which can in itself have much better results.

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Point of sale
Ring up sales with or without an Internet connection from anywhere and on multiple devices at the same time.
Online catalog
The easiest way to showcase your products online. No need to worry about web design or all that tech stuff. Get started in minutes.
Digital receipts
Create custom, professional receipts with your business and share them with customers via WhatsApp, email or text message.
Customer directory
Create as many customer profiles as needed to track purchase history and improve contact during an online purchase or store visit.
Unified inventory management
One centralized inventory to rule them all. Items sold in-store, web or social media are updated automatically across all channels.
Commission-free online ordering
Set up your own online ordering platform that works on any smartphone, tablet or PC. Get notified every time a new order comes in and discover new ways to boost your sales.
Facebook and Instagram Shopping
Connect your catalog with Facebook and Instagram to take advantage of every tool two of the most popular social platforms have to offer.
Meta Pixel and Ads
Understand the behavior of people visiting your catalog and create custom ad campaigns that can improve your sales conversion.
Whatsapp ordering button
Give customers a streamlined way to contact and shopping with you using the world's most popular messaging service directly from your online catalog.
Store credit system
Customers love convenience. Give them the choice to shop with you now and pay later in-store. Create customer accounts and place some or all of an invoice balance onto it.
Extra product photos
Add up to six extra images to cover all details about a product and increase the chances of customers hitting the "buy button".
Unlimited staff accounts
Bring the whole team aboard and keep tabs on all orders placed and sales performance in real time on all your devices.
Print receipts
Kyte works with most thermal Bluetooth printers in the market so that you can offer a physical copy of receipts, payments or account statements.
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