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Accessing your profits.

Learn how to view your profit reports and gain deepen

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Generating a revenue report

Your revenue is the money your business made from its normal activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers. This tutorial will show you how to access this important piece of business information.

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Viewing your top-selling products.

Do you know which products are selling the most? This tutorial will show you how to access a list of your hottest products.

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Accessing a payment method report.

How do your customers like to pay? This tutorial will show you how to access a payment methods report and give you the answer to this question.

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Accessing reports and analytics.

Understanding how your business is doing is vital for your success. This tutorial will show you how to access sales, revenue, profits and more.

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Convert CSV File to Excel: How to Export Your Reports to Google Sheets and Excel

CSV files have data separated by commas. Convert these files into Excel or Google Sheets and have greater control of your sales, customers and inventory using Kyte's detailed reports.

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