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Kyte Integrations

Request New Analysis of Instagram Shopping

If you had your review disapproved for the Instagram Shopping feature? Here are some tips on what to do before requesting a new analysis.

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Verifying your catalog's domain in Facebook

If you are having issues with Instagram Shopping, it might be because your Kyte's catalog domain wasn't verified in the Commerce Manager.

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How to avoid errors on Google Shopping integration

Using your online catalog's feed speeds up the integration process with Google Shopping but some errors might appear. Here is how you keep them from happening.

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Instagram: convert profile into a business account

Instagram Shopping is part of Instagram's business tools so you need to change your profile from personal to business.

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Sell on Google Shopping

To make the process of registering your business with Google easier, we have integrated Kyte with Google Shopping through your online catalog feed. This way all changes you make to the products on the app will automatically be transferred to the Google Merchant Center and consequently your ads.

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Set up a shop in Facebook

To integrate Kyte and Instagram, you need to have a shop active in Facebook and a a feed of your online catalog updated constantly in Kyte.

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How to use WhatsApp in your Online Catalog

Do you already know you can receive orders from your Online Catalog on your WhatsApp? Learn now how to use this new feature and get closer to your customers!

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How to set up food orders on Facebook and Instagram

Take advantage of Kyte's integration with Meta to enable delivery and pickup orders directly from your business page on both Facebook and Instagram while activating Pixel to improve the engagement of customers.

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How to integrate Facebook Pixel with your online catalog

Take advantage of Kyte's integration with Pixel to understand more about your customers' behavior and plan your outreach strategy to convert Facebook users into new customer.

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Submitting the request for Instagram Shopping

See how to set up Instagram Shopping and start selling on three different platforms: Kyte, Facebook and Instagram.

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Sell on Kyte, Facebook and Instagram

Check out how you can take advantage of Instagram Shopping and Facebook's Commerce Manager to advertise your shop and boost your sales. 🚀

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How to enable Food Orders sticker in your Kyte integration

Use Kyte's integration with Facebook to activate the Food Orders sticker on Instagram and expand the reach of your business while receiving orders quickly in your app.

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Creating a Business Page on Facebook

Here is how you can create a business page for your shop on Facebook, this way you can offer your customers a more professional looking profile and manage the success of your businees.

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Integrating Kyte's catalog with Facebook

Now that you have a business page and a shop in Facebook, it is time to integrate them with your Kyte catalog so the products will appear in Instagram as well.

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