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Adding products by weight or length (kg, lb, etc.).

This feature is excellent for small businesses such as supermarkets, bakeries, ice cream parlous and hardware stores because it allows you to sell products in any unit of measurement.

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Editing or deleting categories.

We know that things change, which is why this tutorial will show you how to edit or delete a product category.

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Editing or deleting a product.

Product information are always changing. This tutorial can will teach you how to easily change the price, picture or any other information about the product. You'll also learn how to delete a product.

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Adding extra photos to the same product

Show your customers details of the products they are about to order and help them make a more informed purchase. 🧐

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Creating your first product.

Learn how to add a new product to inventory. This feature allows you to enter product information such as price, cost, category, quantities in stock and picture. You may also add a description that can be used when selling this product online.

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Bulk Import products to your database

See how to have your data imported into your account.

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Creating product categories.

Learn how to create different categories to organize your products better.

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Managing your inventory.

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of Kyte's inventory management system.

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Sharing your product catalog

Share your catalog and increase the visibility of your business. 🚀

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Following your stock movements

No need to wonder when, who and how the stock of an item was changed. This tutorial will show you how to access details on the stock movement of each item.

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