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How do I manage my deliveries?

Let us help you stay safe and profitable in the world of today. ๐Ÿ˜ท

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Converting your profile into a business account on Instagram

Instagram Shopping is part of Instagram's business tools so you need to change your profile from personal to business.

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Set up a shop in Facebook

To integrate Kyte and Instagram, you need to have a shop active in Facebook and a a feed of your online catalog updated constantly in Kyte.

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Verifying your catalog's domain in Facebook

If you are having issues with Instagram Shopping, it might be because your Kyte's catalog domain wasn't verified in the Commerce Manager.

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Highlighting products on the app and the catalog

Highlight the products you want your customers to see as soon as they open the catalog and help your staff get to them quicker at Checkout. โญ

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Request New Analysis of Instagram Shopping

If you had your review disapproved for the Instagram Shopping feature? Here are some tips on what to do before requesting a new analysis.

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Sell on Google Shopping

Use this integration to increase the visibility of your business in the market, manage its online performance and plan better its growth. ๐Ÿš€

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How to avoid errors on Google Shopping integration

Using your online catalog's feed speeds up the integration process with Google Shopping but some errors might appear. Here is how you keep them from happening.

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Using Pay Later and Store Credit on Kyte

Learn how to use our newest payment methods and with them create a greater bond with your customers!

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Understanding customer accounts

Learn how to manage receivables and store credits granted to your customers, a tool to build a healthier relationship with them. ๐Ÿค๐Ÿฝ

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Making your first sale in person.

Let's learn how to make your first of many sales with Kyte. This tutorial will also teach you how to link a customer to your sale, add a discount and select different payment methods.

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Splitting a bill across multiple payment methods.

Customers asking to split a bill is an extremely common scenario for businesses. Learn how to split a payment between multiple forms of tender.

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Submitting the request for Instagram Shopping

See how to set up Instagram Shopping and start selling on three different platforms: Kyte, Facebook and Instagram.

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Printing a receipt on a Bluetooth connected printer

The receipt can be shared on WhatsApp, social media apps, email or opened as a PDF but it can also be printed on a thermal printer connected to your device via Bluetooth.

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Selling by weight or length.

Learn how to sell products in fraction. If you have a bakery, market, meat shop, hardware store or any other type of business that require you to sell products by the kilo, pounds, meters, inches, etc., this tutorial is for you.

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Sharing receipts

There are many ways to send digital receipts to customers. You can send them by WhatsApp, email, text message or social media. This tutorial will show you how to do just that. ๐Ÿงพ

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Selling a non-inventoried product.

Learn how to use the "Quick Sale" tool to sell products that haven't been added to inventory. This feature can help you during those busy days when you need to sell something, but haven't had the change to add it to inventory just yet.

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Canceling a transaction.

See how to void a transaction on Kyte.

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Accessing your transactions history.

See how many sales you've made, the amount sold and details on who bought what and when. You'll be able to select a period of time and get an overview of your transactions.

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Adding large quantities to cart.

There's no need to tap an item multiple times to add different quantities to cart. Kyte has a feature that assists you with adding large quantities in seconds.

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Taking orders.

Learn how to take orders with Kyte and set an order status.

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Creating a Business Page on Facebook

Here is how you can create a business page for your shop on Facebook, this way you can offer your customers a more professional looking profile and manage the success of your businees.

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