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How to use WhatsApp in your online catalog 💬

If you already have a good interaction with your customers using WhatsApp or would like to start one, you can make it available for them to chat with you directly in your online catalog.

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Creating an account on Instagram

See how to create an account on Instagram and take advantage of this powerful tool to advertise your business and sell your products:

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Backing up your data.

Kyte automatically backs up your data whenever you're online. This way, your data is store in the cloud and is accessible at all times on any device.

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Allowing app permissions manually.

In order for Kyte to work properly we ask permission to use your camera, access your storage and location. This permission requests usually pop up when you first install the app, but sometimes you need to set them manually and this tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

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Changing the currency symbol

Kyte will show the dollar sign by default but you can easily change that. This tutorial will show you how to change the currency symbol. 💲

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Hiding canceled transactions

Don't let canceled transactions get in the way. This is how you hide them from view. 🙈

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Connecting your bluetooth receipt printer.

Kyte works with most bluetooth thermal printers currently available in the market. This tutorial will show you how to pair your printer to your device and connect it to Kyte. 🖨

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Adding staff members to Kyte.

Stay in sync with your whole team by bringing your staff members to Kyte. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

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Deleting all your data.

Sometimes we need to start afresh. This tutorial will show you how to delete all your data from Kyte including sales, products and customers.

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Switching user accounts.

Using Kyte on multiple devices

Learn how to access your business information for other devices. This tutorial will show you how to access your data from a different account.

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Creating a Kyte account.

How to reset your password

Editing users on Kyte

Selling on Instagram

See how you can take advantage of Instagram Shopping to advertise your products and sell more:

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Personalize your receipts

Personalize your receipts according to the style of your business, it is quick and easy. 😉

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Removing the decimal point.

We know that not every country uses the decimal points for their currency, which is why this tutorial will show you just how to remove it.

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Subscribing to Kyte PRO.

Gain access to features such as inventory management, multi users and more by subscribing to our PRO plan.

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Converting CSV files to Excel.

The files you export from Kyte come in CSV format, but they can be easily converted into spreadsheets. This tutorial will show you how to do that.

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Building your online catalog.

The online catalog works as a web page of your products where orders can be placed but payment and shipping / pickup need to be arranged directly with your customers.

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Clear Cache to fix bugs on Android

When an app is installed or updated, some bugs might show app. This is how you can fix some of them.

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Understanding the online orders system.

Here is how you can manage the orders made on your online catalog. 📲

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Facebook and Instagram Integration

Connect your catalog with Facebook and use all their advertisement tools while redirecting your customers to your site to complete their orders.

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