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Popular Questions

What does Kyte do?

Have complete control of your business in the palm of your hands. šŸ“±

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Is Kyte FREE?

Kyte has two plans available to you, the only difference between them are the features you need.

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How to start selling with Kyte?

Add your products, set up your catalog and open up shop. šŸ›’

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Can I use Kyte on multiple devices?

Yes, you can access your account from other devices. You can also create multiple accounts with custom permissions for your staff.

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Can I use Kyte offline?

Yes, you can use Kyte with or without Internet. But some features such as inventory update, backup, and analytics are only available when you're online.

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Does Kyte support multiple currencies?

Yes, don't let the default dollar sign fool you. You can select your desired currency by going to the Settings menu. Here's a tutorial showing you how.

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Do I need my credit card to sign up?

No, all you need is a valid email address. A credit card will only be required in case you decide to go PRO.

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Are there any extra fees?

No. You only pay a flat monthly fee. There won't be any extra charges on the number of sales, products or customers you have.

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Is there a PC version?

No, not yet. But we are working on it.

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Can I speak with a real person?

Yes, all you have to do is tap the Help button on the main menu. You can also email us at help@kytepos.com.

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Selling with Kyte

Using Pay Later and Store Credit on Kyte

Learn how to use our newest payment methods and with them create a greater bond with your customers!

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Understanding customer accounts

Learn how to manage receivables and store credits granted to your customers, a tool to build a healthier relationship with them. šŸ¤šŸ½

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Making your first sale in person.

Let's learn how to make your first of many sales with Kyte. This tutorial will also teach you how to link a customer to your sale, add a discount and select different payment methods.

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Splitting a bill across multiple payment methods.

Customers asking to split a bill is an extremely common scenario for businesses. Learn how to split a payment between multiple forms of tender.

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Selling by weight or length.

Learn how to sell products in fraction. If you have a bakery, market, meat shop, hardware store or any other type of business that require you to sell products by the kilo, pounds, meters, inches, etc., this tutorial is for you.

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Printing a receipt after a sale.

Learn how to print receipts after a sale using a bluetooth thermal printer.

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Sending a receipt.

There are many ways to send digital receipts to customers. You can send them by WhatsApp, email, text message or social media. This tutorial will show you how to do just that.

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Accepting card payments with SumUp.

Accepting credit or debit cards using SumUp's card reader is fast and easy. This tutorial will show you how to charge customer's card directly from Kyte.

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Selling a non-inventoried product.

Learn how to use the "Quick Sale" tool to sell products that haven't been added to inventory. This feature can help you during those busy days when you need to sell something, but haven't had the change to add it to inventory just yet.

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Canceling a transaction.

See how to void a transaction on Kyte.

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Accessing your transactions history.

See how many sales you've made, the amount sold and details on who bought what and when. You'll be able to select a period of time and get an overview of your transactions.

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Adding large quantities to cart.

There's no need to tap an item multiple times to add different quantities to cart. Kyte has a feature that assists you with adding large quantities in seconds.

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Taking orders.

Learn how to take orders with Kyte and set an order status.

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Products &Ā Inventory

Adding products by weight or length (kg, lb, etc.).

This feature is excellent for small businesses such as supermarkets, bakeries, ice cream parlous and hardware stores because it allows you to sell products in any unit of measurement.

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Editing or deleting a product.

Product information are always changing. This tutorial can will teach you how to easily change the price, picture or any other information about the product. You'll also learn how to delete a product.

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Editing or deleting categories.

We know that things change, which is why this tutorial will show you how to edit or delete a product category.

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Creating your first product.

Learn how to add a new product to inventory. This feature allows you to enter product information such as price, cost, category, quantities in stock and picture. You may also add a description that can be used when selling this product online.

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Creating product categories.

Learn how to create different categories to organize your products better.

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Sharing your product catalog.

Boost sales by sending customers a link of your online product catalog.

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Managing your inventory.

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of Kyte's inventory management system.

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Following your stock movements

No need to wonder when, who and how the stock of an item was changed. This tutorial will show you how to access details on the stock movement of each item.

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Customer Directory

Editing or deleting a customer.

Learn how to add or update customer information so that you can change their name, phone number, address or anything else you need. We'll also teach you how to delete a customer account.

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Creating a new customer.

Add new customers accounts to Kyte, this way you can have all their information at hand when making a sale as well as when you decide to make a markting campaign by e-mail, text message or WhatsApp.

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Checking a customer's purchase history.

Understanding your customer's shopping behavior is important for the success of your business. This tutorial will show you how to access their transaction history so that you can see what was bought and when.

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Importing contacts in bulk.

Learn how to import customers from the contact list on your phone.

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Analytics &Ā Reports

Accessing your profits.

Learn how to view your profit reports and gain deepen

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Accessing a payment method report.

How do your customers like to pay? This tutorial will show you how to access a payment methods report and give you the answer to this question.

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Viewing your top-selling products.

Do you know which products are selling the most? This tutorial will show you how to access a list of your hottest products.

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Generating a revenue report.

Your revenue is the money your business made from its normal activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers. This tutorial will show you how to access this important piece of business information.

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Accessing reports and analytics.

Understanding how your business is doing is vital for your success. This tutorial will show you how to access sales, revenue, profits and more.

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Settings &Ā Configuration

Backing up your data.

Kyte automatically backs up your data whenever you're online. This way, your data is store in the cloud and is accessible at all times on any device.

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Allowing app permissions manually.

In order for Kyte to work properly we ask permission to use your camera, access your storage and location. This permission requests usually pop up when you first install the app, but sometimes you need to set them manually and this tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

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Adding business information to receipt.

Customize receipts with information about your business. This tutorial will show you how to add name, address, hours of operation and a footer message.

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Changing the currency symbol.

Kyte will show the dollar sign by default, but you can easily change that. This tutorial will show you how to change the currency symbol.

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Hiding canceled transactions

Sometimes deals fall through. This tutorial will show you how to hide canceled or voided sales so that they are not shown in your transaction history.

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Pairing your SumUp card reader.

Kyte offers direct integration with SumUp card readers so that you can accept credit and debit cards and have these transactions logged onto your Kyte account. This tutorial will show you how to pair your SumUp card reader to Kyte.

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Connecting your bluetooth receipt printer.

Kyte works with most bluetooth thermal printers currently available in the market. This tutorial will show you how to pair your printer to your device and connect it to Kyte.

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Adding staff members to Kyte.

Stay in sync with your whole team by bringing your staff members to Kyte. This tutorial will show you how to add new users and invite team members.

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Deleting all your data.

Sometimes we need to start afresh. This tutorial will show you how to delete all your data from Kyte including sales, products and customers.

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Switching user accounts.

Using Kyte on multiple devices

Learn how to access your business information for other devices. This tutorial will show you how to access your data from a different account.

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Creating a Kyte account.

How to reset your password

Editing users on Kyte

Removing the decimal point.

We know that not every country uses the decimal points for their currency, which is why this tutorial will show you just how to remove it.

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Subscribing to Kyte PRO.

Gain access to features such as inventory management, multi users and more by subscribing to our PRO plan.

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Converting CSV files to Excel.

The files you export from Kyte come in CSV format, but they can be easily converted into spreadsheets. This tutorial will show you how to do that.

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Understanding the online orders system.

The online catalog works as a web page of your products. Your customers will be able to place the order through the catalog, but payment and shipping / pickup need to be arranged directly with your customers.

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Clear Cache to fix bugs on Android

When an app is installed or updated, some bugs might show app. This is how you can fix some of them.

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Facebook and Instagram Integration


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