10 Tips to Sell on Instagram That Actually Work

With the growing popularity of this platform, it has become very important for all entrepreneurs and marketers to understand how Instagram marketing works and how to use it to its full potential

People discover new products on Instagram every day and even make purchases through Instagram Shops. Here are ten tips to help you sell on Instagram:

1. Be clear about what you’re selling

The most important thing in Instagram marketing is to communicate clearly what you sell. Selling products or services is usually easier since people can see what it is. But in the case of intangible items, you need to be clearer. For instance, if you are an influencer who collaborates with other brands to promote their products, you must clearly mention that in your bio so that the right clients reach out to you.

2. Offer value to your followers

Despite being a modern-day marketing platform, people don’t usually want to see sales pitches on Instagram. So, the content you post should not be 'salesy' but should add some value for your followers. Post content that they would be interested in or would want to engage with.

3. Let yourself be seen

The best way to sell on Instagram is not to sell at all but be present for your community. Instead of asking people to buy from you, show up in their stories and posts. This helps them remember you and know the face behind your brand. When they see you more often, they are likely to trust you more.

4. Go live

Live streaming is the need of the hour. Whether it is on Instagram live or directing your followers to a webinar, live interaction is always more effective than selling through posts and stories.

5. Connect through direct messages

Instagram lets you chat with your followers through direct messages, and you should make good use of it. Respond to people's queries in your DM, be it about a product or pricing, or return policies. Don’t let these potential leads slip.

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6. Start an Instagram Shop

The best chance to sell on Instagram is by creating shoppable posts directly on the platform. Learn how to get approved as a business account on Instagram and set up your shop to let people buy directly from you.

7. Show what goes on behind the scenes

People love to see a “how it’s done” post now and then. Show your followers how you bring them value and how much planning and hard work goes into creating the products you sell. This helps generate empathy as well as build trust in your brand.

8. Use word-of-mouth as a tool

People tend to trust reviews and testimonials more than you would think. When they see an existing customer saying good things about your product or service, they’re inspired to try it too. So, share your customers’ reviews and ask some of your loyal clients to write a testimonial that you can publish in your posts and stories.

9. Let people ask their questions in your stories

Instagram stories have a feature that allows your followers to ask you questions. Use this to your advantage and try to find out what your customers want. You can answer their queries and tell them how your business can help solve their problems.

10. Educate people about your product

Share tutorials and tell people how to use your product or service. This way, they get to know what all you are offering, and they feel confident about making a purchase.

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