3 Ways to Quickly Drive Online Sales From Retail - Our Guide

COVID-19 has brought unforeseeable changes but social distancing is one that can't be ignored. Businesses need to adapt to an online platform to survive

Whether you’re managing your small business as a full-time owner or on the side, world events have made it necessary to go online. Social distancing protocols have required people to stay home, doing much of their shopping from the comfort of their bedroom.

While you may have previously been retail, it’s time to boost your online presence and drive sales. By improving your online catalog through some digital marketing tricks and a great point of sale (POS) app, you’ll be enjoying new sales in no time. Here’s how:

Prioritize Lead Generation

Before you get started on selling your retail catalog, you’ll want to focus on learning design techniques to generate high-quality leads. This will help you create a catalog that is appealing, easy to use, and creative. Once it grabs your customers' attention, they’ll want to learn more about your brand and what you have to offer—making them prime to convert. 

The goal is to create an online catalog that is visually appealing, yet full of information about your products. Include everything your customer would want to know to encourage them to purchase from you. By converting already interested prospects into actual customers, you’ll quickly find that leads are one of the best ways to convert retail sales online.

An effective way to impress your customers is to create an online retail catalog from a PDF. Fill it with useful information about your products, along with well-lit shots of your products. Casual browsers may be more likely to purchase.

Identify the Strategic Time to Promote

Once you’ve set up your online store, it’s time to find ripe opportunities to promote it. You may be tempted to inform your customers right after you’ve done your magic on your online shop, but it might be better to wait. You’ll want to promote your digital retail catalog at a time your audience will be most interested in your emails. You’ll also want to ensure that your email doesn’t get lost in a sea of other similar offers and deals.

Choose a less busy time—like a Saturday—to send out your email. It should be short and straightforward, informing your audience about your stunning new catalog. Provide links to it so that your audience can immediately browse. 

You can also use marketing automation software to automatically dispense your emails at certain times of the day. You won’t have to worry about manually sending it out—sit back, relax, and wait for the leads to come in. If you’ve been able to identify the prime time your emails generate the most clicks, then you’ve struck gold. Make sure to integrate your online catalog’s performance with your marketing automation software so you can put all your contacts’ actions in one resource.

Expand Your Reach

Lastly, you’ll want to go beyond customers who have already bought from you. You’ll want to attract new customers, too! That means expanding your mailing list to reach other people in your audience that haven’t heard of you yet. 

One of the best ways to do this is to share your online catalog on your social media platforms. Given the immense shareability of the Internet, it’ll help your online catalogs gain visibility from eyes worldwide. By asking your friends to share it, their social media contacts will see it, too—bringing even more possible customers to your online doorstep.

Quickly drive online sales

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Going digital, especially in a time when going out is discouraged, is incredibly essential. It’s also a way to make your products more accessible while helping you reach a wider audience. With these three tips, you’ll transition your retail sales to your online store without breaking a sweat.

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