5 Things That are a Breeze with a Mobile POS System

In the beginning, growing a business is a passion project. This is why small business owners need all the help they can get, and they may get that from mobile point of sale systems

A mobile POS is a cloud-based retail management app that is operated on a handheld device. Plenty of businesses use POS apps — from coffee shops to boutiques, businesses use it to monitor and guide the customer’s interaction with their products and services. To better illustrate how an mPOS helps you achieve your business goals, here are five things you’ll do better when adapting POS. 

1. Staying on top of customer orders

When your business sells both online and offline, or when you’ve just began to offer your products or services on the Internet, one of the most challenging things is keeping track of orders. Maybe you’ve tried a combination of spreadsheets and invoice/official receipt pads. Point of Sale Apps help you process orders, add comments and instructions, and send order confirmations or receipts, among other transaction-related functions.

2. Putting your products online

People are more likely to shop online today. With horrendous traffic, soaring gas prices, and fast-paced work lives, few employees have the time to shop leisurely. Because of this, if you wish to stay competitive in today’s world, you must take your business to where your customers are — and 9 times out of 10 — that means their smartphones.

Some apps, such as Kyte, will integrate POS Solutions with an Online Catalog where customers to place orders 24/7.

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Kyte combines the power of a mobile POS System with Online Ordering so that your business can thrive no matter where your customers are.

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3. Knowing when to replenish stocks

Nothing is more embarrassing than having a shopper be delighted at something you have on display, only for you to realize that you don’t have that item in stock. It lets your customer down, and it paints a bad picture of your business. 

As a business owner, you may find inventory management challenging, but it is something you must learn quickly.  Fortunately, these days you don’t need to physically count everything you have on hand nor an expensive inventory software installed on your computer. Nowadays, many POS Apps have an inventory function, which updates records of your products and how many of them have been bought or returned. These apps can also show you how individual items perform over time.

4. Gathering data on how you’re doing

Research is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are some business owners that enjoy it, but if you cannot be bothered to compile reports on how your products are performing, an mPOS can do that for you. You need to access your own statistics because your next moves should be in response to the trends you see. Point-of-sale apps can give you data on your sales volume on a daily basis, as well as inform you about the company’s profit, your average purchase size, and which of your items are the most popular. You can use all of these to decide how to buy items, or in what other directions to push your business.

5. Prioritizing your customers

With mPOS apps, you also track which customers buy from you the most. You don’t have to write outlines of each on index cards; you can just make customer accounts on your app. These profiles can include details such as the customer’s addresses, contact numbers, and purchase history. You can use the information to send loyal customers promotional items, or encourage them to purchase during special sales. You have the potential to deeply understand and influence why people would come back for your products.

The bottom line

Starting a business can be time-consuming, but you can help yourself by leveraging technology in your operations. A mobile point of sale app automates checkout, inventory, and sales data collection, among other things. Investing in a point-of-sale app helps you direct your energies toward other aspects of your company’s growth.

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