Make the best of the holiday season and start strong in 2021

The holidays are here and the shopping won't stop but with the social distancing, how will your business continue to sell?

What year 2020 has been, full of uncertainties and hardships but the gift giving feeling of Christmas and the hope for a better new year haven’t changed. Even with the possibility of stores not opening during the holiday season, customers remain shopping strong online. 

According to BBC news, there is an expected increase of at least 30% for the peak festive trading season and if physical stores end up closing, it can reach 50%. Are you and your business ready to take advantage of this boost? 

Shopping behaviour changed quite a bit this year and according to a COVID Christmas Survey done by ITV Media. People are rethinking their wishes for the holidays and looking for a more close and personal end of the year.

  1. Togetherness will matter more than ever as people make an effort to spend time with their loved ones while respecting the social distancing protocols;
  2. Christmas shopping will mostly be done online and delivered to people’s homes;
  3. Consumers are looking for a more traditional Christmas with classic dinners, games and spending time with the ones they love;
  4. Personalised gifting might become a trend to make up for the lost time and social distancing; 
  5. The amount spent in general may be lower for many people but there will still be a place for little luxuries over Christmas;
  6. Media in general will play a more important role, once travelling and season trips might not be possible this year;
  7. Hope is in everyone’s mind so advertisements should focus on restoring ideals of safety, togetherness and warmth.

A tip from experts is to allow your customers to make their purchases as soon as possible because with the increase online ordering, delivery can become a big problem and delays are expected not only in international but in local delivery services. A solution is to offer pickup options for local customers, always keeping in mind the safety protocol for COVID-19 and social distancing.

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The sense of urgency and uncertainty can really affect your customers’ experience so keeping them informed of their order’s progress is essential. Use personalized statuses to keep your staff in track and your customers up to date on their delivery.

The rising unemployment and uncertainty of next year's COVID-19 measures might make some people less willing to overspend during the holidays. Offer interesting discounts to increase the number of purchases, this will improve profit, create a rapport between your customers and your business and make delivery management simpler.

  • Create a specific category for each season;
  • Surprise them with a discount on the cart
  • Offer cashback for purchases in 2021;
  • If your customers don’t know what to give their loved ones this year, offer store credit as a present;
  • Add promo prices to products;

Make your business available to your customers by offering different contact options such as email, a phone number and WhatsApp. Even if your staff doesn’t work 24/7, an automatic message telling them their request was received and will be resolved soon can keep them at ease. Use clear text and a friendly tone, as well as personalized information such as their names and order information. 

Take advantage of social media to boost your presence in the market and increase the work to mouth advertising. Post, repost and tag relevant information as well as your products for this season. Instagram now uses Facebook feed to update business related information so integrate your shop and all updates will be made automatically for you. 

Stay safe, stay profitable and stay happy, this is what we here at Kyte wish for you.

Happy 2021!

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