POS Apps - 3 Things to Consider Before Getting One for Your Business

Almost every business in the world today has made the switch to digital solutions that have shown to take any company’s performance and growth to exemplary levels, especially for smaller businesses

Entrepreneurs and small-size retail owners have shown to benefit the most from modern innovation because technological advancements have afforded them the opportunity of a level playing field. Out of all the different tools that a small retail business can use to gain a competitive edge, Point-of-Sale (POS) apps have yielded the greatest number of benefits. 

The ability for POS apps to take any small-sized retail businesses and turn them into a multinational powerhouse lies in their wide range of product features and components. For instance, there are mobile POS (or “MPOS”) apps that are most apt for small-time entrepreneurs that have a side-hustle which needs a bit of fine-tuning in terms of organizing and handling sales.

There are also POS apps that offer much more detailed inventory management that are perfect for small-scale businesses looking for a better way to handle their stock.

It is worth noting that there are various types of POS apps that are most applicable to certain types of small retail businesses that have specific needs. If you’ve been looking to invest in a technologically-advanced way to improve the daily routine of your business, here are a few factors to consider before settling on a specific option for your small retail business:

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1. POS app features

One important factor to watch out for when choosing a POS app option is the set of key features that it has. While the majority of systems in the market today will help you manage your sales and inventory, here are some other desirable options that are definitely worth watching out for when shopping around:

  • Digital Receipts: Having the option to create personalised receipts with your logo and business information is a quick way to look more professional to your customers. Digital receipts can be sent to customers via WhatsApp, e-mail or text message which gives you a change to ask for their contact information and later engage with them.
  • Online Product Catalog: Having one extra channel to connect with customers and boost sales is an important reason why people switch to Point of Sale Apps. Online Catalogs work like a free website for your business and help you establish an online presence as well give new and current customers the option to shop with you over the web.
  • Analytics: With analytics, you’ll be able to take your small retail business’s operations and capabilities to the next level by making better selling decisions and strategies based on compiled data. 
  • Offline capabilities: One very overlooked feature is having a system that let's you conduct most important operations offline. There's no worse feeling than having customers wait in line while the system reconnects to the Internet. Prefer POS Apps that allow you to sell, as well as manage products, customers and inventory without the need of an internet connect.

2. Setup and integration costs 

Depending on how big your business is or the complexity of its needs is, know that your setup and integration costs can vary. This makes it essential to consider these costs before making a significant investment. And while most traditional Point of Sale Systems will require you to buy a computer and a ton of pricey hardware, POS apps let you run your entire business directly from your phone.

3. Live customer support

One of the main reasons why people seek POS Solutions is to reduce frustrations that may occasionally arise. While management features are of upmost importance, one thing that is usually overlooked is the access to tech support and business assistance.

Surprisingly, only very few POS Apps in the market today offer live support to their customers. So, when shopping for a Mobile POS System, make sure to see if they offer live-chat support to all its customers.

Final words

A point-of-sale app is one of the best investments that you could possibly make in your business to ensure its long-term growth and success through the power of organization.

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