POS Apps Are Necessary in 2020 -- Here's why

Whether you have been doing manual inventory duties, taking orders using pen and paper, and manually writing receipts, POS Apps have revolutionised the business

With today's world undergoing a technological revolution, everything is shifting online in business and everyday life.

We are now seeing an increase in online activity and a lot less contact due to the pandemic of COVID-19. However, thanks to online technologies, surviving the pandemic from our home's comforts, and limiting exposure to things is much easier.

Point-Of-Sale Systems Are Now Digital And Can Be On Your Phone

Gone are the days where all business data had to be handled manually.

Whether you have been doing manual inventory duties, taking orders using pen and paper, and manually writing receipts, apps like our Kyte App have revolutionized the POS field.

By investing in a modern system for sales and overall business flows, you will have better returns on investments, and customers will have better experiences. No longer will you have to purchase expensive and complicated systems for POS, as everything is available on your mobile devices or tablets.

Inventory Management And Other Statistics Recording Can Now Be More Accurate

With our Kyte App, inventory management has never been easier with real-time updates that reduce the chance of human errors that can lower your business ratings. With all the sales made in a day, reports and analytics are also covered by the app, which takes out the guesswork and allows you to make informed decisions on the fly.

Less Contact For Orders And Paying Using The Kyte App

By having people sit down and have a device ready to be used without staff regularly at the ready and risk any transmissions of the virus, you can ensure maximum safety for everyone. With the app, orders online and in-store can be done easier because of the digital nature of things being extremely accurate and limiting exposure.

This also removes the chances of errors in taking orders, as the customers choose everything on their phones and eliminating the need to write it down on a piece of paper. With everything being directed straight to the kitchen, there is less information lost in providing customers with their food or orders.

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All Staff Can Use The Program, And Not Just Administrators

Sometimes, the issue is that payment or order processes are delayed because some employees do not have the proper permissions to access certain aspects of the POS system. With Kyte, you can create multiple staff accounts and track their activities, as well as give them different permissions and limit specific actions to keep information that is sensitive safe.

Less Paper Is Used And Wasted

With a mobile POS system, this can be set to generate the check directly from the order, which can then process card payments directly at the table with the receipt emailed if chosen. The best part is that it also uses different e-wallets, so there is less contact with cash transactions. Whether you plan to use PayPal, mobile wallets, credit cards, or other online payment and banking options, this can be programmed.


With COVID-19's effects still at large, limiting contact between people is the most important thing to do to stay safe. By investing heavily in a modern mobile point-of-sale system is the best way to ensure the safety of you, your staff, and especially your customers.

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