What To Do When Reopening Your Restaurant Post-Lockdown

Crowded places with limited air flow and where it is impossible to wear a mask. Restaurants are the hardest to adapt to social distancing but with good planning and adaptable minset, it is possible

With the economy in constant flux this year, more and more businesses find that they cannot stay shuttered for long. As a result, they are starting to open their doors, despite the many questions that remain. Some restaurants are reopening fully, while others are focusing on takeout and deliveries, making it challenging to complete routine processes like taking customers’ orders, logistics, and inventory management.

As guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and FDA change, restaurants must strike a balance among several factors, including finances, customer satisfaction, and employee health. Though each establishment might have its action plan, here are some digital strategies that would benefit any restaurant when it reopens.

Use contactless technology

Restaurants need to produce the most output with the least amount of physical contact onsite. Even when you reopen for dine-in, ensuring physical distancing is still a must. To ensure this, have digital menus and contactless dining in your store. With this model, customers can course all transactions through their mobile devices.

Keep a hybrid, takeout-focused model

Retain the option for curbside service and delivery. Some customers won’t feel safe eating out just yet, and would not want to enter shops with too many people. Keeping your contactless and mobile point of sale services will make it easy for them to choose your store for orders.

Furthermore, evaluate your online ordering provider, and seek out other options if it charges excessive commissions. Choose an app that lets you integrate with other websites or apps—this puts you on the radar of people using those platforms, which can lead to more revenue.

Revisit or change your menu

Keep groceries as part of your takeout menu at the moment. Since people are still reluctant to go out, it can send more customers your way. Selling merchandise is also a good option, especially if you market to regulars.

As for the actual dishes you offer, take into consideration your restaurant’s capabilities with a smaller staff and a trimmed-down list of ingredients and raw stocks. Reduce waste and save money by keeping your offerings to the popular dishes, with a handful of premium items.

Stay in front of your customers

Being active on social media and keeping your website fresh is one way to keep your target market engaged. Sustain their interest by creating updates on your store. Talk about when your restaurant is opening and the extent of your offerings. Will you be operating in full capacity, and is there a reservations system for diners? How will people order food?

Create posts about safety precautions you’re taking as well. It is important to notify people ahead of their visit about safety measures on your premises. Some news reports show people angrily refusing to wear face masks; avoid this by clearly communicating your policies.

Aside from posting these on social media, update your website and send out e-mails about your business’ precautions against COVID-19. Use onsite collateral like flyers, stickers, posters, and seat dividers to remind customers of your policies.

Reinvent and carry on

It is difficult to change business models but when in doubt, go with the better results. Be mobile, be productive, be safe.

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Reopening a restaurant amid the COVID-19 pandemic requires enormous effort from business owners and employees alike. The economic situation has upended various industries, so it is smart to keep your options open at this stage. We are not out of the woods, and restaurants must continuously adapt to situations as they change every day.

Keep your business agile by going mobile-first in these uncertain times. Aside from having a strong social media presence, your store needs a robust order and inventory management system, which Kyte App delivers to you. Our all-in-one mobile POS app is sleek and intuitive, letting you run your restaurant through your phone. Download our app today, available on Android and iOS, or contact us for more details.


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