The app to make custom receipts

Need a receipt maker? Create, print and share personalized receipts on the go. Kyte is your digital receipt book on your phone.

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The app to make custom receipts

Your digital receipt book

We help you create, print, and share receipts with customers in minutes.

Mobile Point of Sale

Personalized digital receipts

Create digital and PDF receipts to share via email and WhatsApp. - Kyte saves customer and product, so they're ready when you need it. - Organize your receipts, order stubs and more without needing to put in any additional time in - Use a professionally designed receipt template

Mobile Point of Sale

Print receipts on Bluetooth printers

Kyte is compatible with most Bluetooth thermal printers and works directly from your phone, so you won’t need to have or use a computer with Microsoft Word or Excel to create your receipts.

Mobile Point of Sale

Create a customer directory

Create customer profiles and send personalized receipts with items sold, business information and customer details. You can also keep track of their purchase record, debts and in-store credits.

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