Digital menu maker for restaurants

The easiest way to create an online menu where customers can order from. No commissions. No order limits.

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Digital menu maker for restaurants

Serve your guests well both online and offline

Create a digital menu for your restaurant in less than 5 minutes.

Mobile Point of Sale

Add information about your dishes

Add as many items as you wish and organize them into categories such as appetizers, entrees, and beverages. Enter a nice picture as well as a detailed description with information on ingredients used, techniques used, and calories per serving.

Mobile Point of Sale

Customize your menu

Select a theme to match the look and feel of your restaurant, add your logo and information such as the name of your restaurant, address, and business hours. You can also add a link to your Instagram and WhatsApp to connect with customers.

Mobile Point of Sale

Set up the ordering system

Customers can order directly from the table as well as from home for both delivery and pickup. Setting up your ordering system is super easy and won't take more than a few minutes.

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