Kyte translations

Let's use the power of our community to adapt Kyte to as many small business in as many different countries as possible.

How to become a translator

We are very excited to have you taking part in this adventure. To become a member of our translation team, you'll need to do the following:

1. Create an account at SmartCAT, the translation platform we use on our projects.
2. Contact us at with the email associated with your SmartCAT account.
2. We'll then send you an invite to our translation platform as well as tutorials on how to get started.
3. We'll also invite you to our Slack group so that you can interact with other translators and the Kyte team.
4. Start translating! Once you have been added to our translation project, you can start translating. See the instructions here: Translation instructions.

Current translation projects

عربى Catalog Project - Interested? Contact us.