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Access your account on another device

You can access your Kyte account from any device compatible with the app, as long as you use the same login method chosen when creating the account.

Start by logging out of the account where this user is logged in, just tap on the name of your business at the top of the app's main menu and then on Log out.

💡 Although it is possible to use the same login on more than one device, we don't suggest doing this simultaneously, as it can cause data update failures between the server and the app.

Open your Kyte app on the new device, choose your desired login method and enter the required information.

⚠️ If you selected the option to login using your Apple ID, you will need to log in from an Apple device. This option will NOT work on Android devices. ⚠️

You can also access it from your computer, using Kyte's web version. As it is still being tested, not all features are available and please contact our support team if you notice any errors or failures.

This feature is part of our PRO plan, if you are still on the FREE plan, tap here to subscribe!


Server status

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Contact support

Hey, we'd love to speak with you. Just head to the Support section of your app or click the help button on Kyte Web.