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Allowing app permissions manually.

Drag down the status bar located at the top of the screen where you see the date, network, and battery information.

permissons on app

Click the gear that is usually located on the top-right corner of the screen.

how to allow permissions

Click on Search at the top-right corner of your Android.

how to allow permissions on Kyte

Type in "Apps" and select Apps once it comes up.

allow permissions on Kyte

Notice a list of all your apps in alphabetical order. Find and select Kyte.

allowing permissions

Press "Permissions."

permissions: how to allow

Activate all items and done!

allowing permissions

Your Kyte now has all the necessary permissions, such as access to the camera and your pictures gallery.

allowing permissions on Kyte

Server status

Find out if our servers are down.

Contact support

Hey, we'd love to speak with you. Just head to the Support section of your app or click the help button on Kyte Web.