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Bulk Import products to your database

Do you need a head start to set up your products? Did you just buy fresh new products to add to your inventory and give new options for your customers to purchase? We can bulk import these products for you!

Click here to download the sample spreadsheet (click on FileDownloadMicrosoft Excel, or hit us up on the chat to ask for your copy).

And click here to check the guidelines to correctly fill out the file and not make any mistakes, to get the products imported to your database quicker.

Here are some things you need to know before start completing the spreadsheet:

  • The deadline to import the products after you send the file back is approximately three business days
  • You must have the PRO features enabled for the import to be done
  • Spreadsheets with less than 50 products won’t be imported. Also, keep in mind that the database supports a maximum quantity of 4000 products (although we recommend you to use around 1500 to make sure the app will keep the good performance regardless your cellphone’s specs)
  • This service is eligible for new products only. We won’t be able to bulk edit/switch products that are already saved in your app, and if you include them on the spreadsheet, you’ll end up with duplicates in your app. 
  • This is for text data only. You’ll need to add the pictures and categories manually from the app, after the import is finished

When you’re done and the file is ready, email it to help@kyteapp.com. If you won’t send it by the same email account as the one used to register your Kyte account, please include this info on the message body.

⚠ Once the products are imported, you need to add an image to them. Products without image will not appear in your online catalog. ⚠

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