Charge your customers using Sumup Card reader

After purchase a SumUp Card reader and connect it with your Kyte, see how to use it in your sales.

First, start a sale normally, and go to the payment screen.

On the payment screen, the process is the same as when you do not use the card reader. But notice that the SumUp credit and debit options appear now. Click on it to advance.

You will be redirected to the SumUp screen, where you will see the total of the payment at the top, and the Credit or Debit options to choose one of them.

When selecting the payment method, an image of a small reader will appear on the smartphone. The reader's screen will show the message "Insert the card". Just put the card and type the password.

On the screen of the Kyte, it will appear that this value has been paid successfully. If the payment is of the whole value of the transaction, it will appear  "Sale Completed " on Kyte's screen

Done! You can now send the receipt to the customer and start a new sale!



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