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Convert CSV File to Excel: How to Export Your Reports

How to export your reports to Kyte

Your reports can be exported through the Settings menu. Just click on Export reports, select the date and type of report you want.

You will receive the report in the same email you used to access your Kyte account.

⚠ As the data is exported from the server in CSV format, it is necessary to do the conversion before being able to visualize it correctly. ⚠

How to open your reports on your mobile device or tablet

If you have an Apple device, the reports will open in PDF format and you will have the option to view them immediately or save them for future access.

If you are using an Android device, tap the three-dot menu and select the Share and export option.

Then click on Send a copy and choose the Excel (.xlsx) option to have the file converted before being shared.

Finally, choose the location where you want to save the new file. It can be opened either in Excel installed on your mobile device or tablet or on your computer.

Accessing your reports on Google Sheets

An easily accessible and freely available option is Google Sheets, found in the feature pack enabled when creating a Gmail account.

To access your spreadsheet click on the Google apps icon and select the Spreadsheets option. In the folder icon choose the Uploads option, browse for your file and click Open.

As Google integrates all of its tools, more visual items like emojis will open more easily.

Converting your reports to Microsoft Excel

⚠ To make the conversion you will have to use Excel for computers because the version for mobile devices and tablets does not have this function. ⚠

Open your file in Excel, select the first column and in the header choose the Data menu and the Text to Columns tab. A 3-step window will appear:

  1. Keep Delimited selected on the first page,
  2. Change from Tab to Comma on the second page,
  3. Select the Text on third option. Click Finish to view the new formatting.

My spreadsheet had symbols instead of letters, now what?

Depending on the formatting used in the online catalog, some data will not be recognized by Excel. To avoid these errors, open Excel and create a new blank workbook.

In the header click Data and in the Get External Data tab, select Get Text Data, choose your file and click Import. A 3-step window will appear:

  1. Keep Delimited selected on the first page and make sure the selected file source is 65001 : Unicode (UTF-8),
  2. Change from Tab to Comma on the second page,
  3. Keep the General option on the third and click Finish to view the new formatting.

Ready! Now you have access to important data and details to manage your business safely and easily. 🚀


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