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Creating a Facebook Shop

In order to integrate your online catalog to Instagram or Facebook shops, you'll need:

To create a Facebook page.
To set a shop on your Page
Make the integration.

You can create your Facebook page using Facebook app, but the other steps need to becarried on a browser.

1. On your Facebook app, tap on the menu.

2. Tap on Your Pages.

3. Go to Create.

4. Tap on Get Started.

5. Enter the name of your shop and enable the option below to sell products or provide services.

6. Tap on Next.

7. Choose the category Brands & Products and the subcategory Products/Services for your Page.

8. Include your website. Here you have to use Kyte's online catalog URL.

9. Add a profile picture for your page.

10. Include a cover photo. Then tap on Go to page.

From now on, the septs should be carried on your Browser, not on Facebook App.

A. If you use your smartphone, select Desktop site in your browser's settings.

B. Go to facebook.com, access your profile and on the left menu, search for the option Pages.

C. Tap on the page you created earlier.

D. On the menu, search and tap on Shop.

E. Agree with the terms.

F. Choose Check Out on Another Website as checkout method. If you can't see this option, please check step I. on this tutorial.

G. Select your currency and you're done.

H. Your Facebook store has been created.

See how you can integrate it with Kyte's online catalog here.

I. Edit your page button to direct customers to your catalog:


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