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Creating a Kyte account

Open your Kyte app and select one of the login options:

  • Email will ask you for a valid email address and a password.
  • Facebook, Google and Sign in with Apple will redirect you to the equivalent platforms so you can sync Kyte with your user already registered in them.

⚠️ By selecting Facebook, Google or Sign in with Apple as your login credentials, you won’t be allowed to reset or change your password in Kyte. ⚠️

Read both Terms of Use and Privacy Policy attentively and, if you agree with them, select the square to accept and then tap on Start.

We created a step by step to help you understand how the app works. Feel free to follow the steps suggested or, if you prefer to venture on your own, close the window. It will continue to be available to you on the top left of the main menu unless you tap on Don’t show this again. If you prefer accessing your Knowledge Base, tap on Need help?

On the bottom of the main menu of the app you will find a shortcut to confirm your account. This will appear only if you selected the option to login by email and password. Tap on Send confirmation code and it will be sent to the email address used. If the message is not on your Inbox, it might be in SPAM.

Once your account is confirmed, you are free to use everything the app has to offer. πŸ’š

The user that creates the account has ownership over it, so it will have all permissions set and you won’t be able to change its details from within the app. If you need to do so, please contact our support team.


Server status

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Contact support

Hey, we'd love to speak with you. Just head to the Support section of your app or click the help button on Kyte Web.