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How to add products to your Kyte account

You can create your products on the menu Checkout and on the menu Products by clicking on the (+) sign and filling up the fields shown in your screen. Add as many product details as you can so your customers know exactly what you are offering, this way they will get satisfied with their purchase.

In the Product menu enter the name and the selling price of your product. If you use prices with decimal parts, check here how to use them.

Then, select the label color for the Checkout menu as it will help your team find the items during their sales. Add high quality photos taken on different angles for your customers to get an accurate perception on how the product is so as to avoid after-sales’ frustrations. In the plan PRO, you can opt up to 7 images for each product whereas the plan FREE accepts only one.

Once the main settings of the product are done, fill up the optional data. The reduced price will be shown both in the app and the online catalog and this discount will be automatically added to the checkout process instead of the original price.

As a tip, you may organize your products by Category in order to help your customers find what they are looking for more easily and efficiently. See here how to create a product category in Kyte. In the Description type all relevant details about the product and also take advantage of some tips on HTML code to customize your text.

In addition, add a Cost to your product, because if this field is empty, the system will use the price as an equal reference to the cost, resulting in a zero profit. The same applies if the reduced price is active but no cost was added, then the profit will be negative.

Next, decide if your item will be sold in units or in fractions so that the customer can choose the quantity and the final price will be calculated automatically by the system. Kindly check more information on selling by weight or length.

If you want to organize your products better, add a Code for each then it will be possible to access it through a product report to be managed on Excel or Google Sheets. The barcode scanning is made by using your device’s rear camera and it is compatible with established barcode standards or QR code, which can be generated on our website.

Lastly, if you want your products being visible on the top of your online catalog, activate the option to highlight this product. It means our product will appear on the top of your Checkout menu. Do not forget to activate the option to Show product on catalog, because if it is inactive, your product will be available only in your app.

⚠️ All changes made in your App can take up to 10 minutes to update in your online catalog.⚠️


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