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How to customize your receipt in Kyte

You can add or change information in your receipt by tapping the Settings menu and on My Receipt.

On Business Information you can insert the name of your business, your preferred contact number and the address of your shop. The app will automatically set it as the place for pick up advertised in your online catalog.

You can choose the image of the logo from your photo library on the device or take a snapshot, if you prefer.

💡 You can resize the image before uploading it on the app but we suggest using a 1.2: 1 scale with 1008 x 840 pixels, if possible.

If you work exclusively online, you can provide your social media information on the Social Media option in the Online Catalog menu. There you can also activate the WhatsApp button in your online catalog and have your customers contact you directly with their queries and doubts.

You can choose to Display customer information on the receipt and also add to your receipt a Header and Footer with useful and playful information.

To see how your receipt looks before completing a sale, tap on Open my receipt and if you are satisfied with the result, tap on Save to make the changes valid for receipts created on the next orders and sales.

Now your receipt is personalized and you can share it with your customers however you prefer. Here are your options.


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