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How to edit orders

How to edit an order in the cart

After the products are added and the cart screen appears, tap on the … to see the options available.

Tap on Add note to leave relevant information for your customers, your staff or for internal control.

You can choose if the note will appear on the receipt or not.

Add a discount to the total being paid by tapping on Add Discount on Cart or on the … menu.

If you need to start over again, tap on Clear cart and confirm the action.

It will send you back to Checkout with an empty cart.

How to edit an order that was made on the catalog

All orders arrive from the catalog with a pending status. Select the one you want to edit.

By tapping on the … you will find the same options available at checkout.

As the order was already created, by the end of the editing process you will need to choose between saving this order or completing the sale.

The status will remain the same but the order will have the new details set. ⚠ Once saved, the changes on the order cannot be undone. ⚠

How to edit a confirmed order

When confirming an order, the stock is updated and the products as well as the amount selected are no longer editable. This changes the options available when you edit the order. Select the order from the Orders menu.

Tap on the … and on Edit this order.

The option to add a discount will remain active both in the product and on the total amount to be paid.

The option to add a note will also appear in the main screen of the order.

After the order is confirmed, the use of personalized statuses is activated so changes made to any status will be the same as the ones made on confirmed orders.

⚠ If the sale is completed and the payment method registered, it is no longer possible to edit any information, only cancel and hide it from view, if you wish to. ⚠


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