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How to edit user information in your Kyte account

There are 3 types of user registration in Kyte:

  • The main user is the one generated at the time the account is created. As it is responsible for the account's base data, it cannot be edited through the app. Therefore, you will see greyed out screens that have no interaction. If you need to make any corrections or updates, please contact our support team informing the email used to create it, what needs to be changed as well as the new information to be added.

  • Admin users have the same permissions set as the main user but can have their information edited. With them you can access all of the app's resources, as well as edit the access of other users.

  • Non-admin users can have different levels of access to the account and resources, it is possible to define the level of this interaction with the app through the Permissions tab.

To make changes to these users just access the account as an administrator and enter the Users menu. Choose the one you want to edit, make the necessary changes and tap Save.

⚠ All changes made to users will only be updated after they log out and log back in to their apps. ⚠


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