Get a SumUp Card Reader for Kyte

In addition to the forms of payments offered by Kyte, you can also integrate card readers. This way you can accept direct payments with debit and credit cards.

To get the machine, the first step is to access the Menu, at the upper-left hand side of the screen on your Kyte.

Then tap on settings

Tap on the third option “Card Reader”.

If you already have a machine, skip this step and click on "Connect with the reader". If you don’t have one yet, select "I do not have a card reader" to continue.

Once selected, you will be redirected to the card reader’s page. Then just click on the option to request for the reader. In the image below, we use SumUp as an example.

Enter your credentials and create your account. 

Fill in the data with your name, ID, a payment method that you want to use to buy the card reader, how many installments and advance payment. In most countries, the delivery is made within ten business days. All values showed by SumUp's website are only for the readers, nothing is charged by Kyte for this integration.

All set! As soon as the card reader arrives, connect it to Kyte using Bluetooth. Click here and find how!



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