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How to manage your deliveries on Kyte

With the growth of the digital market, physical stores started to sell 100% online and the quality of delivery became a concern for both the merchant and the customer. Keeping consumers aware of each step of the process generates a sense of control and the more personalized the contact, the greater the satisfaction with the service provided.

Delivery by courier, private vehicle or bicycle

If your deliveries are made locally by you or by service providers, consider your expenses and set prices according to the distance and route. For better delivery management using Kyte, list the options available for your customers to choose directly from the online catalog before completing their orders.

To enable them go to the Online Catalog menu, tap Order Settings and select Delivery Rates.

Tap Add delivery rate to create a new rate and add to the description all the important details, such as deadlines, rules and regions where the service is provided.

Once all fees are added, tap Save to make them available in your online catalog.

If the couriers are your employees, create a user for each of them. In addition to having greater control over the process, they will have access to complete the sale in the app once payment is received and to share the sale receipt with customers.

Also take advantage of the fact that you can manage your deliveries on Kyte to offer the option of delivery by bicycle. In addition to being a lower cost service, it will add value to your brand by reaching a more eco-conscious audience.

Shipping by postal service, couriers or combined

If your business has large scale deliveries or you ship to other cities or countries and you use specialized carriers or the postal service in your country, the fees will have to be informed after the size and weight of the packages are calculated.

Research the best options for your customers and your business, decide which costs are more competitive, what kind of parcels are available for packing and the kind of support and tracking is offered by the couriers.

Add a to-be-informed rate to your delivery items for your customers to select prior to completing their orders on the online catalog.

To add the price of shipping for the products in question, tap the lightning bolt icon and register the amount directly in the cart.

⚠ This change cannot be made on orders confirmed in the app, therefore do not tap Slide to confirm before entering the amount. ⚠

Remember to remove the rate selected by the customer and insert the tracking code in the order’s notes, along with the link where it can be verified.

This way it will also appear on the receipt shared with your customer.

In-store pickup

If your shop has an in-store pickup option, register it by tapping on the Online Catalog menu, selecting Order settings and then Pickup.

Add your shop’s address, in addition to being available in the cart it will also be listed in the business information section of your online catalog along with your WhatsApp number and Instagram handle.

Regardless of how your products will be delivered, take advantage of the personalized statuses feature to update your customers on changes and progress on their purchases. And to help your team with the control, organization and management of delivery routes, use the sales report.

It can be exported from the Orders menu in the app and sent to you via email. The file will be generated in .csv but can be converted to .xls through Excel. In it you will find the details of incoming orders along with status, selected payment method and comments made by customers.

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