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How do I manage my deliveries?

The way a product will be delivered is a big worry on customers' minds nowadays and it is essential for a business to earn their trust but how to do this if the interaction is 100% online?

Keeping them informed of each step of the process creates a sense of control and personalizing them helps with rapport. Here are some of our suggestions!

Offer options that will be good for you and for them, keeping in mind your safety, resources, the region you want to cover and how far is still profitable for you.

Choose between Delivery.

Pick Up or offer both of them.

To charge for deliveries, set the fixed price in Tax and apply it only for delivery. You can use the Description to inform about the fee or add a playfulness to your catalog.

If you have different fees for different areas, create them as products. When added to a category named 🚲 Delivery 🚲 it will give your customers a notion on how much they will need to invest on the purchase and prevent extra charges or grievances.

Tip: Add a cost to them and you will be able to manage comissions more easily.

When making their order online, your customers will be able to select the best way to receive their products.

You will see it immediately when opening their order.

The orders arrive from the catalog with a Pending status and as soon you confirm them several new status become available to you.

You can select from our pre-defined options or create ones that suit your business better. Here is a step by step on how to do it. Every time you change the status on the app, it will be updated on your customers' accounts in the catalog and they will receive an e-mail with the changes as well.

This is a helpful tool if you have a delivery crew. They can change the status so you and your customers keep track of the service until delivery is completed. Here is how you can create an user for each delivery person, making the process safer and easier to calculate their commission.

If you work with several deliveries at once, our sales reports can help keep them organized. Just select the period, generate it and it will be sent to your e-mail.

The file will be in .csv so follow the steps on this tutorial to convert it and open it on Excel. There you will find all the information your delivery crew needs to keep track of the orders.

Stay safe and happy sales. 🚚

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