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How to add staff members to Kyte

To create a new user, go to the Users menu and tap the + button, then just enter the name and email used to login, choose a password with more than 6 digits and choose the permissions each one will have on the account.

A few details about permissions:

  • Administrator allows access to all features of the app and to make changes both in the system and other users' logins;
  • Allow use from a personal device permits access to the account from any device, rather than limiting it to just the device where the user was originally created. Use this feature to create users that should only be accessed from devices used in-store and have more control over the security of your data;
  • View transactions from other users expands access to all orders made in Kyte, including those from the online catalog. If it is disabled, the user will only have access to orders and sales made in person while using the app;
  • With the Give Discounts permission your team can enter discounts on the price of products and the total of each completed sale in the app;
  • Create or edit products grants full control over the product data such as price, name and description but to make changes in stock it is necessary to activate the Manage Inventory permission as well;
  • By activating Allow Pay Later, your team can accept pay later in sales, manage debt payments and add credits to your customers' accounts.

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