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How to add users to your Kyte

To create new users, administrators, or salesclerks to access your Kyte, the first step is to open the Main Menu and tap on Users.

Tap the plus sign (+) in green on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Fill in the Name and Email of the user and press Next.

Now you will decide if the user is also an administrator or is an ordinary user on your Kyte. The Administrator has full access to everything in Kyte. If you want it to be an administrator, enable it. If you want the new user to use a different device, enable the second option.

A screen appears explaining what this option is. Now just tap on the green button on the bottom to continue.

After you set the permissions, tap Next to continue.

Finally, just create a new password for this user and tapCreate User”.

All set! The user will receive this information by email. You can also share it yourself.



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