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Connecting your bluetooth receipt printer.

Your Kyte can integrate with mini thermal printers with Bluetooth connection. To connect your portable printer with Kyte, the first step is to access the menu on the top left side of the screen.

Tap "Settings".

Then tap "Printer".

Wait a few moments while Kyte searches for available Bluetooth devices.

All nearby Bluetooth devices that are on will appear. Sometimes the name of the Bluetooth device is not the name of the brand but its model. Select the one that matches your printer.

Once you've identified the printer and selected it in the list, an image of a printer will appear on your Kyte. You may need to change the coil's size to fit your printer. Tap on the button that shows the size to alter it.

Select the size of paper that suits your printer.

You may choose to always print a duplicate of the receipt. Now you can print a test to see how the printer works.

All set! Your Bluetooth printer is already paired with your Kyte! Now you can already start printing receipts to give to your customers.

Click here to see how to print your receipts!



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