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How to setup food ordering services in Facebook

Enabling the integration in your app

Tap on the Online Catalog menu, then on Integrating with partners for the app to redirect your access to your Facebook account.

order food facebook

For the integration to work you need to have a page created specifically for your business, if you don't have one follow the steps here to create it. Once the page is active, follow the steps on the app to activat all the resources you want.

order food facebook

You'll have the option to create accounts for the resources available or link them to Kyte's feed, if you already have active users on them. This will allow you to manage your results through Facebook's Business Suite.

The integration may take a few seconds to be completed but the confirmation screen will appear in your Kyte app.

order food facebook

Changes made to Facebook platforms by the integration

Once the integration is complete, an Order Here button will automatically be added to your business page and by pressing it your customers will have access to your Kyte online catalog within Facebook. They will be able to complete their orders, view the status of their deliveries and have access to your restaurant's contact details.

order food facebook

In the Business Suite, Kyte's app will appear listed as one of your partners. To confirm the integration worked, log in using the same username and password as your Facebook, click on your restaurant page and on Business Apps. Kyte will show up as connected and, if you select it, you should see a Manage button.

order food facebook

If a Connect button appears, undo the integration through Kyte and redo it as an error may have occurred during the process.

order food facebook

To disable food ordering on Facebook

From the Online Catalog menu, click on Integrating with partners and then on Undo Integration. Confirm the cancellation and wait for it to be processed.

order food facebook

The function can be reactivated again whenever you want, just do the steps for the integration one more time.

Kyte Integrations
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