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How to set up food orders on Facebook and Instagram

Pre-integration preparation

To activate all features you need to have a business account on both Facebook and Instagram, if you don't already have them, we offer a detailed walkthrough for each one.

Once the business profiles are created you need to link them together so that the Order Food buttons are activated in Facebook and Instagram. To do this access Page Settings, click on the Instagram menu and log into the profile you changed from personal to business. Don't forget to confirm the information after the connection has been made.

Enabling the integration in your Kyte app

Once the profiles are synced go to the Online Catalog menu, tap on Social Media & Others and then on Integrate with partners, select Food Orders and log into your Facebook account.

Facebook will begin the steps to create your access to the tools offered in the integration. As the business accounts are already active, they will appear as an option just choose them and continue with the steps. The integration may take a few seconds to process, but when it is complete, a confirmation screen will appear in your Kyte app.

Learn more about the features available in this integration:

How to use the Order Food button

The integration automatically activates an Order Food button on your Facebook page and on your Instagram profile, so your customers access your online catalog automatically and make their orders which appear immediately in the Kyte app so you can complete the sales and manage the deliveries.

order food facebook

The same happens when your customers access your Instagram page. Here is how you can use Foord Orders sticker to boost your online presence.

To disable the integration

If you want or need to undo the integration just tap on the Online Catalog menu, select Social Media & Others, then Integrate with partners and tap on Uninstall Integration. Confirm the cancellation and wait until it is processed, once it is completed the buttons will be removed from their profiles but your access to Meta's tools will remain active.

The integration can be reactivated again whenever you want, just do the same process as the first time.

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