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How to enable Food Orders sticker in your Kyte integration

To use this feature, you need to integrate your Kyte account with Facebook's food ordering feature. Once the process is completed the Order Food button will be added automatically to your business profile on Facebook, as well as on the Instagram business account that is synced with it.

To boost the use and results of the button on your Instagram we will show you how to activate and use the Food Orders sticker.

Before using it in your stories, you need to activate it and for Facebook to add it to your sticker pack, you need to link it with your online catalog feed and verify the domain of Kyte's online catalog. Once that is done just style your post, add the sticker and wait for the orders to come in.

And don't forget to share it on Facebook as well!

⚠️ As the post is shared in video format, the Order option will not be an active button but your customers can still make their orders using the Order Food button on your Facebook page. ⚠️

Now your customers can place their orders right from the post by clicking the Order button.

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