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How to update stock and product data in bulk


On Kyte's web version it is possible to add new products in bulk, as well as update the data of those already in your account, speeding up inventory correction in your online catalog.

  1. Log in to the Kyte's web platform and access the Products menu
  2. Click on the product import icon, next to + Product
  3. If there are already registered products in your account, the Update current ones option will appear
  4. Download the spreadsheet with your products and make the changes you want in the spreadsheet
    ⚠️ Do not make changes to the column names as this makes it impossible to import the information correctly
  5. Save the updates made in Excel
  6. Click Continue and select the product report you just updated
  7. Click Next without making changes to Data Fields or File Columns
  8. Confirm that everything is correct and click Next for the system to process the changes
  9. If necessary, reload the page to see the updated data in your account

💡The process only updates text data, it is not possible to add images. Your product photos must be changed directly in Kyte web or through the app.


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