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How to integrate Facebook Pixel with your online catalog

Where to find your Pixel code

To carry out the integration you will need your Pixel code, registered on your business page. If you haven't activated Pixel on your Facebook page yet, see more details about it here.

To find the ID code, log into your Facebook account through a browser and click on Ads Manager. Click on the sandwich menu, choose Events Manager and in Data Sources you will see your page ID number. If you have more pages registered on the same Facebook account, click on the account selector and choose the one synched with your online catalog. Now just copy the number to paste it into Kyte.

How to integrate Pixel code with Kyte

There are two options for accessing the Pixel integration.

The first one is via the Online Catalog menu: tap on Social Media & Others, Integrate with partners and on Facebook Pixel.

The second one is through the Settings menu: tap Integrate with partners and then tap Facebook Pixel.

Paste the ID code copied from Facebook and tap Integrate with Facebook's Pixel. The process is instant and you will be redirected to your Pixel management page if you tap the Access Facebook's Pixel button.

If you want to change or edit the ID number just make the necessary corrections and tap on Save Changes.

To unlink your Kyte with the Pixel just tap on the Uninstall Integration button. Processing is immediate and can be reversed at any time in the same way that the original integration was done.

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