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How to use WhatsApp in your Online Catalog

💡 Keep in mind that these orders will not be automatically saved in Kyte. That way, it's good that you add them later through the app, so you don't lose the sales and stock record.

To set this up, you can go to the Online Catalog menu in your app. Then, click on Social Media & Others in the final list of options, select your country code’s flag and type your phone number with its area code.

If you had previously registered your phone number on Menu>Settings>Business information and it is the same of your WhatsApp number, you just need to tap on the option  Same as main number.

After you Save your WhatsApp number, your customer may contact you directly through the WhatsApp icon on the business information of your Online Catalog or inside each product’s page. Please remember that these orders will not be automatically saved to Kyte so it is necessary that you add them directly in the app so as not to lose the sales and stock record.

⚠️If any number of your WhatsApp is missing or mistyped, your customers might get an error message.⚠️

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