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I subscribed to the PRIME plan, now what?

We're glad you chose our PRIME plan to take the next step in growing your business. 💚
With it you will have access to all the resources available both in the app and in the web version, as well as a consultancy in the implementation of your data on our platform.


Once your subscription is complete, our deployment team is notified and will contact you. If you haven't heard from them, please make sure our message has not been registered as junk and has ended up in your SPAM folder. You will receive a form in your email, please fill it in with as much detail as possible, this speeds up the process of activating your shop and releasing your resources.


Once your business is set up on the Kyte platform, you will have full control of your updates, and our team's intervention will no longer be necessary. Updates on your company's website can only be made by us, you can forward them directly via the WhatsApp number provided after the plan's subscription.


Here are some website templates with different layouts for you to see. They are in different languages ​​but yours will be assembled according to the country where you make your sales and with the content you sent us.


In them you will be able to link your online catalog, your contact information, your WhatsApp contact, your social media and any information you want to disclose about your business.

Do you think PRIME is the right plan for your business? Then subscribe today!

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