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Selling by weight or length

To sell fractionally, you first have to enable this option. This is done by checking  "Fractional Quantities" on the product screen.

Tap to select a product and start a sale.

A new screen will pop up. Enter the quantity to be sold. Bear in mind that the example shows a sale by the kilo, so if you wish to sell 1 kilo and 250 grams you have to enter 1.250.

Tap the button to confirm.

The green bar at the bottom of the screen shows that the item was added to the shopping cart. You could add other products to this sale, or simply press the green bar to proceed to checkout.

On the first checkout screen, the product is displayed with the quantity and final price. Press the green bar again to proceed to payment.

Select a payment method and enter the amount paid by the customer. If the amount received is greater than the amount due, Kyte will automatically calculate the change.

At last, tap Finish at the bottom of the screen.

That's it! You have successfully made a fractional sale!


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