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Making your first sale.

On the Sales screen, tap the products you wish to add to order. Each tap represents a unit added. 

In the example shown here, we tapped the first two products once. As you can see, Kyte adds up the quantity and displays the total.

To include a customer to the order,  press the customer icon on the top-right corner as shown below.

Select a customer from the screen. If needed, use the search field to locate your customer.

Press the customer to include in the order.

Tap the green button to proceed.

Kyte will show detailed information about the order. 

By clicking the ellipsis (...), you will open up additional options such as adding an observation to order, give a discount or clear the cart and start a new sale.

After double-checking the order details, click the green button to proceed.

Select a payment method.

If you select cash, the change is automatically calculated once you enter an amount greater than the total received.

Press the green button to complete the sale.

Congrats. You've made your first sale!



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