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How to make sales in person

On the Checkout menu choose the products you want to add to your cart, take advantage of the magnifying glass icon to search the product by name or select the category to see specific products.

If you want to add more units of an item, tap it again or use the 1x icon to add larger numbers. First click on 1x and enter the desired quantity, the new numbering will appear in the icon and when clicking on the product, the exact quantity will be added to the cart.

If you want to add an unregistered product, click on the lightning bolt icon and enter the amount to be billed. You can name it or add a description that will appear on the receipt and, if you wish, you can create it from the cart so that it is saved in the Products menu.

⚠ Products that are not registered in the app have a zero cost so they will not be considered in the sale profit. ⚠

If you need to make changes to the cart, click on the product to be changed and you will see the options. Click on the items to change the quantity or remove the item from the purchase and click on the value to increase or decrease the price. If the new amount is less than the original, it will be informed on the receipt.

You can also add discounts on each of the products or on the total sale amount. Enter the amount to be discounted or the percentage, both will be reported on your customer's receipt.

As sales cannot be changed once they are completed, please take the opportunity to select the delivery price before registering the payment. See how to customize your business delivery options.

Link the customer to the sale by clicking on the icon with the person and selecting the desired contact, if you want to create a new customer, follow these steps. Linked customer sales offer extra payment methods such as credits and credits to the account, choose the payment method used and complete the sale.

Once the sale has been registered, stock movements and statistics will be updated and you can share the receipt virtually or print it out on a thermal printer connected via Bluetooth.


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