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Mastering order statuses

You will find this feature on the Online Catalog menu, in the Order settings section.

They come with predefined options but you can edit them and create new ones according to the needs of your business.

Once the order is made on the app or on the online catalog, the status is set automatically to pending. To have access to new statuses, you need to confirm the order.

⚠ Confirmed orders update stock and cannot be edited so make sure all the items your customer wants are listed and the quantities are correct. ⚠

Every change in status will be informed to the customer by email and on the history in their account on the online catalog.

Take advantage of the names used on the statuses because they will be in evidence and can send a quick message or reminder when pop up as a notification.

They can also be a great tool to create a rapport with your customers. Use it together with the notes in the order to have a small conversation or reach them using the WhatsApp on the Customer details tab.

Use them even if the sale was already completed, just change the status to Paid instead of completing it and the statuses will remain active.

Offer a great post-sales care by offering perks such as cashback and use the statuses to advertise them.

Once the interaction is over, complete the order and send your customer the receipt.

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