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Registering your business on Google Merchant Center

The feed integration process is different from the Kyte catalog validation on Google so they may not have the same result on the first setup. Your products may be available for publication but the catalog not yet authorized due to the lack of verified data on your business. To avoid these unforeseen events, some configuration items must be filled in correctly.

To access them, click on the Settings icon on Google's Merchant Center homepage.

On the Tools tab, click on Shipping and Returns.

Start by adding Shipping Services. Click the + sign.

Fill in the coverage data as shown on your online catalog. If you have more than one shipping or delivery charge, use the names to differentiate them.

⚠ Google checks all data related to your business, so any discrepancies can lead to errors in the release of your ads on Google Shopping. ⚠

Inform the delivery time and deadline for placing orders.

Select the option that offers to charge for shipping and add the delivery fee. Click on Save to complete the process.

If you have more delivery charges, you can add them by clicking on the + sign on the Shipping Services page.

Return policies are essential for advertising your business on Google Shopping. To register them in your online catalog, we suggest using the Extra Field option in the Social Media section of the app.

On the Return Policies tab, click Add Policy.

Select the country where the policy in question is in effect. If you have branches in other countries, you can add a policy for each one.

Insert a link to where the policy can be viewed. If Google does not accept the link to your online catalog, you can add the text to a Google Docs or link a page of your personalized website with your own domain.

Choose the place where customers can return their products, more than one option can be selected here.

Define the return period and make sure that it is the same as published in your online catalog.

And the conditions of the products to be returned.

Inform the return fees, in case of defective products or customer remorse.

Click Done to enable the new policy.

If you want to add policies for the other countries where you deliver, click on Add a multiple country policy.

Another data Google checks is regarding the divergence of your business registration information. Make sure that the data contained on Business Information is the same as in your Kyte catalog and your social media platforms.

In the About your business tab, enter the main data of your business. Click on Verify number to confirm that this company is yours.

On the Website tab, your online catalog will be verified and claimed. If you receive an error message or the data is not verified, try again in a few seconds and, if necessary, remove the / at the end of the link.

Add your brand colors and logos, the images will be analyzed and feedback will appear if they are refused.

Once all of your business data has been verified, the free listings option on Google Shopping will be enabled. If you have received error messages in your catalog feed, here are some tips on how to resolve them.

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