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Sharing receipts with your customers

After adding the products and discounts in your cart, select the payment method and click on Charge.

We will be able to view and edit your receipts by clicking on it on the checkout confirmation step. Right after all the necessary data is correct, you can share your Receipt with who bought the products. Then click on PDF to see its version in PDF. It can be shared or printed as you wish.

If you want to send it straight to your email, click on Email. In case your customer's email is already saved in your app, this field will be automatically filled up, but you can also change it upon your decision.

You can also print your Receipt if you have a Bluetooth printer connected to your Kyte account, just tap on Print to use it. See how to print your receipts instead of sharing them.

By clicking on Share you may send it through the available apps in your device. The Receipt will be shared as an image, which can be opened and downloaded by the recipient.


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