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Sending a receipt.

Start a sale, choose the products and proceed to the payment screen.

Confirm your payment method and tap Finish in the footer.

All set, now just tap "Receipt".

The first time you use the receipt, Kyte will ask you if you want to customize it. You can add your logo, store information and a phrase in the footer (very useful for promotions, service hours, etc.). Tap here to see how to customize your receipt.

Once you edit your receipt, or if you prefer not to customize it, you can already send it to your customer.

To send by email, press "Send by Email".

Enter your customer's email and tap Send.

Grats, email forwarded successfully!

If you want to send via MMS, messaging apps or social network, just click Share. It is important to remember that not all devices can receive MMS (multimedia messaging service) and that sending via MMS can be charged by your service provider.

Select the app or customer you want to send the receipt to.

Done! Receipt sent successfully.



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