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Sell on Google Shopping

From the Online Catalog menu, go to Social media & Others and tap Integrate with partners.

On this page you will have access to all the platforms with which Kyte is integrated, if you want to integrate your online catalog with Facebook and Instagram click here. Select Google Shopping to find access to this tutorial and the button to copy the link to make the integration. On the confirmation page you will find a redirection option, tap on Access Google Shopping and your access will be directed to the Google Merchant Center.

Click on the menu on the left to access your Google account login. If you don't already have one, here's how to create one.

Fill in the requested data and inform if your shop sells 100% online or if you have a physical address. Select the information you would like to receive from Google and agree to the terms of service and click Create Account.

Once the account is created, you will be able to enter the data of your products. Enter your store's registration address, even if you don't work with pickup and click Save. Add a valid phone number to receive your Merchant Center verification code and click Verify.

Insert your online catalog link and h Continue. Select the option to Upload an HTML file and click on Verify the site, once verified you will also need to confirm that it is yours, just click on the Claim website button.

Inform the details of the delivery options you offer: the prices, regions covered, maximum times for placing orders and for deliveries. If you have more than one delivery rate, click Access advanced settings to add them.

⚠️ Make sure all information is recorded, as Google does a thorough check and your ads will not be allowed if there are discrepancies between what is registered and the options available in the online catalog. ⚠️

💡 To automatically update your products on Google Shopping, you need to link the feed using the link copied from the app. It will be the same link your customers use to access your online catalog but with /feed/google at the end.

Choose Add multiple products at once and enter the country, language and whether you want to use them in free or paid listings. Give the integration a name to differentiate it from other products added to your Google Shopping account and select the Scheduled Search option. Give the file a name with the data of your products, choose the frequency in which it will be updated, enter the link to your online catalog with /feed/google at the end and click on Create feed. The process will not start immediately, click on Search Now and wait until the screen with the same amount of products in your Kyte account appears.

If errors occur, they will be listed and you can see how to fix or avoid them here. To prevent fraud Google performs a detailed verification of your data, so we suggest entering your store's return and refund details in the extra information field of your Kyte app. Once all data has been provided, click Start final review to submit them to Google Merchant Center support.

Before uploading your ads, carefully read the policies for showing free listings of your products on Google.

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