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Sell on Kyte, Facebook and Instagram


When it comes to reaching out to a huge audience and advertising your products, we all know Instagram's Shopping feature is one of the best tools out there. With that in mind, don't wait any longer to link your Kyte Catalog to a Professional Instagram profile, giving your store more exposure, attracting more customers and boosting your sales.

Here's a list (and the respective tutoriais) of everything you'll need to do in order to activate Instagram Shopping. You may not need to go through all the steps (if you already have the page and shop of your store on Facebook, and a professional Instagram account, for example), but it's important to check on everything thoroughly to not miss any detail:

On Facebook

On Instagram

Even after completing all the steps above, you'll still need to wait for Instagram to review your request, which may not be approved if your account isn't in comply with Instagram's Eligibility Rules.


⚠ Instagram has recently redesigned this feature. Therefore, it's very important that you'll follow all the steps above from the beggining in order to be qualified, even if you had previously connected your Kyte Catalog  with your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Professional Profile. If your request was denied, or if you'd like to use the Facebook and Instagram Profiles that are already in use, check out these instructions that might be useful for you to be approved next time you request it. ⚠

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