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Setting up delivery fees

Did you know that you can charge different delivery fees on Kyte? Here you will learn how to do this clearly and simply. Expand your business reach by adding rates for different areas and let your customers choose the one that is most convenient for them. Amaze consumers and accelerate your online sales.

To set up the delivery options go to the Online Catalog menu, tap on Order settings and select Delivery rates.

Add a description for guidance. It will appear on the checkout of the online catalog before the delivery options are presented.

Tap on Add delivery rate to create the fee with all the necessary details.

Once all fees are added, tap on Save so they appear on the catalog.

⚠ Changes made on the app can take up to 5 mins to appear on the online catalog. ⚠

During the ordering process, your customers will choose the best option for them and the fee will be added to the amount being paid.

You will see this amount described on the order's details as well as the transaction's details.

The customers will have access to it on their receipts.


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