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Taking orders.

 After selecting the products, check if everything is correct on the cart and move to the next step.

Instead of choosing a form of payment, tap on Save Order.

The Order is saved as Pending, and it does not move your stock. You can alter the status now, or later, by tapping on the status button.

Choose Confirmed.

Now the Order is Confirmed, and it moved your stock. You can go to the checkout, or to the Orders list.

On the main menu, you’ll be able to access your saved orders.

You may filter and see onlye Pending or Confirmed orders. Tap on an order to see details. If you tap on a pendig order you'll be able to confirm it.

If you tapp on the three-dot button, you’ll be able to cancel or share the Order. Tapping on the green button, you’ll go to the payment methods screen and finish the sale.



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